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Lap Desks for Laptops

October 5th, 2010 by alex | No Comments | Filed in News

RIU Lap Desk + Your Laptop Computer = The Perfect Pair

Recently the media has been covering the complications that some consumers have been reporting regarding leg burns associated with using their laptop computers aka “Toasted Skin Syndrome”.  Below is a video from a segment from GMA this morning highlighting the leg burn issue caused by some laptop computers:

We know that our customers love to buy our lap desks for use with their laptop, netbook, Apple iPad and more so that is why here at RIU we implement testing during manufacturing to ensure that the our lap desks are resistant to the heat produced by laptops, netbooks and tablet devices.

Room It Up lap desks serve as a solid surface in which to place your laptop, netbook, iPad or other tablet type device.  The cushion on the bottom provides support while the hard plastic top provides a surface that isolates the heat from the device from direct contact with one’s skin.

Read our official news release here.

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